Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The line up or rather screw up

"I like the line up now...I wish they had done it in the first half," said the commentator after Aquilani came in for Benayoun with less than 20 minutes left to play against Wigan. Minutes before Benitez took out Lucas and sent in Johnson.

That comment sums it all. The problem with Liverpool this season is the lineup. Benitez fumbled big time. Most of the time because he played Lucas at the expense of Mascherano, Aquilani, Reira, Benayoun, Babel and even Pacheco.

With Lucas given the central midfield role, Gerrard was forced to play much forward, hence weakening the midfield. Even with Torres and Gerrard in front, goals were scarce because the ball just didn't come.

When Benitez benched Masherano to let Lucas play along side Gerrard, the defence was weakened.

In short, playing Lucas simply messed up Liverpool's play this season. It seems that The Reds played with ten men and below par most of the time this season.

Mind you this is football not golf. Football teams don't win trophies by playing below par. Lucas wrecks havoc to the team.

Everyone sees this except Benitez. Expect the tenth lost if the Spaniard chose to ignore this fact.

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