Thursday, August 03, 2006

Israel gets another week to kill Lebanese civilians

Britain continued to argue that immediate ceasefire in south Lebanon couldn't be put in place just yet as both the warring sides must agreed to it.

British PM Tony Blair, in an hour-long press conference in London just now, also outlined a long-term solution to the crisis in Lebanon. He said all threats to the security of Israel must be removed so that Tel Aviv wouldn't have to retaliate.

But when pointed out by an Arabic paper's reporter that Lebanon was never offered the ceasefire and Hizbollah had called for the ceasefire, Blair just mumbled and went for the next question.

Blair also hit out at Iran for calling the destruction of Israel, arguing such statement hindered peace. But he said there would be no military action against Iran and Syria as long as the two countries didn't intervene in the conflict. He also called on international community to help rebuilding Lebanon later.

It seems that Britain and US just want Israel to continue to kill the Lebanese and Palestinians under the pretext of self-defense.

In another development, Saudi Arabia brushed aside the idea of using of oil sanctions against countries supporting Israel's latest crime against humanity.

OIC meanwhile issued two separates statements in Putrajaya with one calling for immediate ceasefire. Expect another week of violence and death in Lebanon.


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