Friday, August 04, 2006

Distorted Logics vs Blurred Realities

A fellow journalist said to me last week that Hizbollah was to be blamed for the death of civilians in south Lebanon. He argued that Israel just did what it had to in dealing with such threats to its security.

He said Hizbollah fighters shouldn't have hid behind the civilians. He also stressed that Lebanon was not an Islamic country for more than 40% were non Muslims and it wasn't right to impose religious fervor into the crisis. On the Palestinian issue, he said the Israelis had been living in the Promised Land for ages. In other words, it's their land.

I must admit that there are some truths to the logic. But the harsh reality is far off from the logic. It's not about claims of rocket firings from positions within the cities but the brutal bombardments from land, air and sea on the cities and their citizens. Too often the smart bombs hit civilian targets, killing mostly women and children. Even the Red Cross sign on the roof of an ambulance became the bull eye for the Israeli missile.

Nothing rivals the destruction of the excessive bombardment on the cities, not even a high magnitude earthquake. As if all the destructions, deaths and sufferings were not enough, escape routes as well as humanitarian aids routes were destroyed on the pretext of eliminating Hizbollah's supply routes. Yet US military cargo planes flew in to supply the Israelis with more powerful bombs to rain on the Lebanese.

As for the Palestinians, it seems that they have to suffer what they ought to. After all the Palestinians and the rest of us are goyims to the Zionists. For them we're nothing more than animals that should be butchered. Forget about the biblical or quranic stories about how the Israelis had been damned. What matters are the claims that they are the chosen race and God promised the land to them.

Interestingly, a friend of mine who happens to be the deputy president of a political party touched on the story in his Friday sermon today. He said Bani Israel was a respectful reference to the followers of the Prophet Yakob (Jacob). But the community was later referred as Yahudi Laknatullah after it defied God's commands, altered the Torah and murdered several prophets.

He cited the prophet's saying about how one day even the rocks and trees except a type of tree would tell and ask Muslims to kill the Yahudis that were hiding behind them. He said some ulamas interpreted it as the whole world condemning the Yahudis for their atrocities, just like what they are doing in Lebanon and Palestine now, but one community, just like what the US and Britain and are doing now, would defend them.

I must say that it's an interesting interpretation but I prefer the one commonly accepted. It would be very interesting to hear rocks and trees talking. Furthermore, the Muslims today had yet to advance towards Israel to fight the Yahudis.

And while we are debating the matter, the Yahudis continue to kill our fellow Muslims. If we take into account the same fate that fellow Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq or even in Chechen and some would include southern Thailand and Philippine too, are facing, we couldn't help but to think that a systematic killing of Muslims are taking place.

It's like the Muslims are against the rest of the world. It seems that a final war between good and evil is taking place. Unlike the evil, the good or the truth can't be in many forms. So what is the logic and reality?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, it's unfortunate that some of us Malaysians would side with those who brought such destruction to innocent women and children. It's just not the Muslims that are condemning Israel. People from many countries are voicing their outrage at what is happening. Hizbollah may have attacked Israel with ineffective rockets, but Israel's American-made weapons are totally annihilating the Lebanese. Let's not talk about logic - but numbers.

Saturday, 05 August, 2006  

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